Time to do the important things

I am finding it increasingly difficult to find time to do the things I really really should be doing. I know this is a common cry from so many people in this world where so much information is at our fingertips – but I feel I need to read everything, clear inboxes, voicemails, kitchen sink, get rid of all the clutter before I have a clear space and a clear mind to concentrate on my artistic work.  So before I can settle with the script of our next play  The House of Bilquis Bibi, everything else must get cleared.  Three nights have already gone by which I had set aside for this very thing.

But the work of a director is like the work of a sculptor – it is when you are in the studio getting your hands dirty.   As long as I can still give 100% to that moment – like today when we were casting – I think it is still working well!


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