Bilquis Bibi rehearsals: week 2

My god, it is coming up to end of week two and I have simply not had time to write a blog until now. This rehearsal process has been very demanding, very precise and has required a lot of energy. I have also bought a bike and am cycling in and out of work and therefore that may have something to do with my complete exhaustion at the end of week two.

I wanted to write last Sunday night – sensing how different last Sunday was to the Sunday before we began rehearsals. Before we began, real anticipation and fear hoping that tubes go on strike so you can’t get in – and then last Sunday – waiting for the thrill of getting back to rehearsals on Monday morning to push on…

We have a wonderful and clever company and what a joy to have Ila Arun with us – a real talent, a true artist – hugely generous and with a sense of humour that makes everyone feel easy and calm in those high octane moments. And it’s a joy to be working with Indira Joshi again after some years (she last worked with Tamasha in Balti Kings) – she brings herself and her experience in a way that is so very effecting.

One more week to go before we get into the auditorium…


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