Acting Masterclass with Kristine Landon-Smith – Day 1

“Today was a interesting opening day for the start of the acting masterclass with Kristine. The group was a lovely mix of ages and backgrounds and seeing each actor bring their own personal cultural background into monologues was fascinating to observe, whether through language or mannerisms. I never would have thought that using my own Eastern European background, into Shakepeares Cleopatra, would bring the character to life as much as it did. Kristine’s notes, on how I use my voice and accent, were spot on. A workshop where you come out of a scene having discovered something new about your style of performance and leaves you thinking how you can apply this to future work is what any participant would hope for.”
Samantha Pieris – Actor

“It is all too often that I forget about the playfulness of play making.
I forget that this process of making is about saying “yes” to impracticalities: testing limitations, planting seedlings and cultivating potential. We have pre-established relationships (director to actor/ lead to chorus/ dramaturg to writer/ etc), but when do we explore our working dynamic by building real relationships with real interactions? Sometimes we get caught up in the parameters and impossibilities of producing; these moments can be afforded by limited funding, minimal time, an occasional rigidity of text, or even the sheer physics of design. However, today’s observation of Kristine in action was a reminder that nothing is impossible when you are playing with others.
She works eye-to-eye, artist-to-artist, her direction is responsive interaction. She leads with her gut. It is clear that the ensemble trusts her, and why not? She is honest. She says, “I don’t know what it is, or what I’m doing, but I see something in you. Let’s explore this together.”
This encounter with creative uncertainty is rare and beautiful. This is the kind of interaction that invites risk which in turn invites play. Why shouldn’t we flirt with the impossible? Only by imagining it and then enacting it, can we make it happen.
Kristine’s simultaneous dramaturgy fills the space. It is no longer a rehearsal room, but rather, a playroom. By playing together we can find our practice of play-making.”
Carissa Hope Lynch – Observer

“Learning how to ‘play’ with the other actors through simple games was more challenging than I would’ve thought, but very beneficial in establishing a connection with someone in a scene. Kristine’s approach is amazing, such a focus on making something believable through improvisation rather than using lots of confusing actor tricks. Working through everyones monologues was really interesting, I learnt a lot from just observing. A great first day.”
Karina Minhas – Actor


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