Acting Masterclass with Kristine Landon-Smith – Day 4

“Watching KLS in action is like “Watching Emotion in Action”. You actually watch her go through each actor’s individual journey with every scene and it felt like we all went into our scenes as raw material and came out as something REAL. I enjoyed this week a lot, her feedback was physically exhausting but artistically very exciting – I will never play Dolores the same again! Thank you Tamasha for keeping the dialogue… “candid”!“
Pooja Bhatia – Actor

Siddhartha Bose by Liam Davenport

“Day 4 of the acting masterclass and I’m already missing it. I’ve been lucky to be part of a very engaging, creative and supportive group of actors. Kristine’s work has enabled us to explore different avenues and approaches to performance while being present as actors in a space. In my case, I’ve been encouraged to use my improvisational skills in textual and scene work as well as to avoid ‘tricks’ and flourishes that have crept into my performance over time. Kristine’s attention to each of us has been exemplary and in my case, I have started to feel free in certain ways. This sense of things opening up has perhaps been the single-most important aspect of the intensive and focused work that we’ve done over the past week. In addition to being an actor I am also a poet and playwright and I feel that working with Kristine and a group of committed and talented actors from a variety of backgrounds has been special. And it’s freeing to be allowed to use one’s one experiences and cultural background! And perhaps the most important feature of the masterclass has been Kristine’s emphasis on ‘play’ and discovery. Avoid cliché, discover the fresh and new. It’s been a wonderful experience!”
Sid Bose – Actor


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