Day 2 on the Design Direct Course

It was the second day of Tamasha’s Design Direct course today. It was great meeting everyone yesterday, and the work we did together really got us all to open up and get to know each other, whilst raising really interesting issues surrounding how different people perceive visual stimuli. It was good to plunge straight into discussions today about ‘Snookered’ by Ishy Din – the Tamasha show we had all seen the night before at the Bush. I hadn’t realised the extent to which all our opinions would be so different, and I learnt a lot from what the others had to say.
Sue then talked us through some of her research methods, and helped to set us on the right track so we could spend the afternoon out in our pairs doing research for ‘Lotus Beauty’, the play we are using throughout the course. We then all went out to get started, with many of us heading straight for Southall which is perfect for researching beauty salons that cater for the Asian community – the location of the play. My partner, Emma and I, had a good afternoon and managed to get lots of photos from our trip, although we were not always successful in all the salons. Looking forward to continuing tomorrow morning and hoping to try out a new area and maybe some museums too!

Kady Howey Nunn – Designer


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