Day 2 on the New Writing Course

Day two now and we’re off and running …………… the going is hard to smooth over the first furlong as playwright, Ishy Din gallops us through a morning of impassioned Q&A and shares his energy, enthusiasm and writing experiences willingly with one and all.

At the first fence, a three-part writing exercise involving black and white photos and the creation of a new character results in some unexpected and unnerving mining of memories. This hurdle was competently tackled by rankled and non-rankled riders alike.

A sedate second furlong sees the riders pass the scene of the recent award winning ‘Kings Speech’ where Bertie shows us his character arc and we discuss his needs and wants – warts and all.

The final furlong sees the riders tackle geographical landscapes of a kind never before witnessed on a racecourse (a ‘feelings’ exercise this time) and does nothing to hamper the valour and courage of the riders as we gallop, canter or trot as we saw fit over the finish line to collective sighs of disappointment at the race being over so soon.

Disclaimer: No horses or riders were intentionally hurt during the writing of this blog.

Narinder Dosanjh – Writer


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