Day 3 on the Design Direct Course

It is the first day of Spring! Following two days of feeling thrown in at the deep end and completely overwhelmed about what would unfold over the next two weeks, today was the perfect day for creative inspiration. It came in the form of a talk and discussion with Rachana Jadhav and Dominic Hingorani about how they set up their theatre company Brolly Productions.

I found it enlightening to hear how their relationship as director (Dominic) and designer (Rachana) has developed over a period of 7 – 8 years since they first worked together. I realised how impatient I am in my expectations of the relationship I want to have with my partner director (in the space of 2 weeks!). I particularly identified with Rachana’s path of development, also having initially trained as an architect, and of the continuous challenge in valuing my creative skills and the work I could do ‘out in the real world’. To design and work in theatre practice, make a living, and do something I love to do is dawning as a real possibility. How exciting!

Fariyal Wallez – Designer


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