Day 6 on the Design Direct Course

‘It is the actor, not the character that is the medium to creating good theatre..’

Today’s journey was around continuing to shape our designs, and working closely with Kristine on deepening our directing approaches.  It’s enlightening to be in an environment where we are all treated as independent artists, on a journey…and a breath of fresh air for someone (Kris) to acknowledge this, and continue to hold us to our highest potential in each moment!

So liberating not to rely on a script when directing. Several times during my process, I found myself trying to justify, and make work the stage directions in the script, despite my instinct telling me, very loudly, that this stage direction doesn’t fit with the aesthetic we are creating!

And such a freeing feeling to surrender the need to ‘prepare‘ – a novel concept for me!  And actually my biggest revelation on the course so far…! In fact, I am so excited, I can’t wait to explore, and play with this new freedom…I just need to turn up, be open and ‘trust’…  Trust trust trust. Once the actors are happy, and activated, there is far less to do, than I often think…incredible…

Once I understand the aesthetic I’m working within, the actors can and will shape the scene. I simply need to be open and allow myself to respond to what’s in front of me. It’s far easier to be open once I relinquish the need to have the ‘right’ answer…and actually what I found was that within that openness there is a real sense of authenticity, where the ‘real’ work can happen. It’s not weakness not to know, rather there is great courage, strength/sincerity/honesty, and ultimately growth to be found in this journey (of openness/honesty.)

A wonderful, timely, and such an essential reminder, that the actor is the medium to creating good theatre, and the director is the channel for allowing the creativity to come through.

As Elizabeth Glibert says ‘the person acts as a channel for something greater to be born through their wok’.’

Such a joy to be in the presence of other artists collaborating so freely… I am inspired.

Renu Arora – Director


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