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Chekhov Masterclass, July 2012

Eleanor Buchan, Participant Actor

A brilliant masterclass.

I wanted to take this particular masterclass because I have never liked or ‘got’ Chekhov and I wanted to approach it from a different direction. Kristine broke it down for us, and by starting with improvisation (the actor rather than the text) I was felt able to find my way in. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so daunting. It was a complete delight to watch the other actors interpret these complex scenes.

Being able to build on my previous Tamasha training is invaluable. Most significantly, it helps me develop the language that I need to communicate with the people I work with, have my needs met and meet theirs. Being able to pop back for a refresher lesson is brilliant.

A lovely day.

Frankie Haynes, Participant Actor

Too often the industry can feel like a walled garden, and for so many actors opportunities can feel few and far between. Tamasha’s one day Masterclass has not only given me more confidence when approaching classical texts for the future, but also the chance to meet and work with some very inspiring talent. If only more theatre companies could be as accessible and forward thinking as Tamasha.

Poppy Corbett, Participant Director Observer

‘Always start with the actor, not the text.’

The Chekhov Masterclass with Kristine was inspiring, challenging and fun. I came away with fresh ideas as to how Kristine’s approach can help improve my own directing technique. Kristine’s methods liberate the actor through finding ways into the text, often by using their own cultural background/language to help. By not starting with the text, but instead finding the key to the text through improv, Kristine encourages the actor to view the text as not as something distant and difficult, but something which is accessible to them and with many possibilities of different ways to play it. So often as a director, you are not challenged as to why you have done or said something, because you are the one challenging others. Kristine challenged me as a director to be specific about the words I choose to use with actors so that everything I say is useful for them, not confusing. My own practice will become more focused and playful as a result of attending this Masterclass.

Tuyen Do, Participant Actor

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure to be back in the classroom with Kristine to work on text from one of my favourite writer’s, Chekhov. That morning, I realised I had seen and read a lot of his work but, as an actor, had never acted it throughout any of my training thus far.  I learnt a lot in just one day from watching others as well as working myself and am looking forward to the next challenge. My only regret is that it wasn’t a week rather than a day.

Indranyl Singhara, Participant Actor

I undertook the Chekhov workshop with Kristine and was greatly pleased I did. Kristine’s methods allowed me, as an actor, to use my own intuition instead of forcing a character upon a classical text. I definitely feel more confident in approaching the text as a result. To have had the opportunity to work in this environment with Tamasha was one I would definitely recommend. I hope to be able to attend more in the future.

Robin Morrissey, Participant Actor

Tamasha’s Master Class with Kristine Landon-Smith was a truly valuable experience. I’ve come away from the day feeling invigorated, confident, instinctive and extremely grateful. Certainly something I will recommend to anyone wanting to delve into some Chekhov.

Anshu Srivastava, Participant Observer

This was the first acting workshop I have ever attended and it proved to be a wonderful experience. Tamasha’s open access policy in full effect! I found Kristine’s confident and direct approach very refreshing.  It was a wonderful introduction, I feel quite inspired and looking forward to the next class.

Fariyal Wallez, Participant Observer

The Chekhov masterclass with Kristine was an inspiring and unforgettable day. How rare such opportunities are where, as a designer, I am able to observe from a director’s perspective. It was a real treat…to see the passion, energy and attentiveness it takes to truly ‘play’. I had the sense that any text, however removed or distant from my own life experience, could be accessed on a fundamental level when the layers of formality are taken away…a great reminder for me to keep learning by seeing the world from the eyes of a child. Thank you everyone for a wonderful day!

Adrian Li Donni, Participant Actor
Participating in Kristine’s Chekhov workshop gave me a greater sense of awareness while working on the text. Too often, I tend to get heavy headed when I work. Kristine reminded me of what it is we are essentially doing when we act, which is to “play”.


Elena Procopiu, Actor Participant

I loved the fact that I performed in Romanian and French and worked around the scene every which way and finally, when the time came for the text, I was a completely different actor to when I started. My nerves were distracted by the wonderful and fun exercises I did before the scene. I would do this everyday if I could.

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