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Interview with Kristine, Niall Ray & Amit Sharma for ‘The Trouble with Asian Men’ on SBS World News Australia

Photographs from rehearsals and interviews of ‘The Trouble with Asian Men’ in Australia

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Update from team The Trouble with Asian Men at the Parramasala Festival, Parramatta, Sydney

Exploring Parramatta the day we arrived

So we all set off from freezing Heathrow on Thursday night and got to Sydney at 7am Saturday morning – we survived the interminable flight with various strategies including watching Prometheus (or terrible rom-coms) on the tiny back of the seat screen, drinking multiple free sauvignon blancs and eating lemon sherbets and surprisingly good airline food. Brief stop off in Singapore involved a visit to the steamy outdoor cactus garden and a quick shower on the oddly named “Rainforest” level.

We were welcomed by the fabulous and friendly Parramasala team, up very early but still smiling while we checked in to our hotel right in the centre of Parramatta. Then immediately off to seek out breakfast at the cafe across the road, to be refuelled with fantastic pancakes and blueberries and full englishes. Buoyed by caffeine, we set off to explore Parramatta a bit and immediately found the Town Hall where we are performing 5mins down the road and wandered around the rest of the place, appreciating all the local wildlife – cockatoos in the park, lizards by the river and Westfield window shoppers. All slightly dazed and jet lagged by the evening, but those of us who were still awake managed to wolf down some “Thaiinabox” curry for dinner, shamefully with only tap water.

Sunday was our rest day so took the small ferry into Sydney and explored the sights and sounds – hard not to be impressed by the stunning harbour views and Opera House on a sunny afternoon. Fantastic dinner in the suburbs of Blue eye trevalla ( ) , Hokey Pokey ice cream waffle and some more Sauvignon Blanc…

Monday – we headed to the Town Hall for our tech run with the lovely Penny, our Stage Manager. SBS (Australia TV channel – multilingual and multicultural broadcaster) ( ) came and filmed a bit and interviewed Kristine and the boys – turns out they’re not quite sure what “the trouble with asian men” is either – ask an Asian man and they’ll say “nothing”, ask a woman and they’ll tell you something completely different… We met the lovely John Shrimpton who is one of our guest performers and had a fun rehearsal in the afternoon, playing around with some of the tracks. Re-stocked on wine and beer from the nearby bottle shop. Had a quick dip in the small and quite bracing outdoor hotel pool, then dinner in a great Lebanese restaurant with plates of falafel, halloumi, tabbouleh and grilled “eggplant”, with some more Sauvignon Blanc…

Tuesday – met the hilarious Craig Meneaud and Drew Fairley who are guest performers and had a chuckle playing around with tracks between them – great to hear them having a laugh with some of the British interviews. Looking forward to our first preview later on. Managed to sneak in another SauvBlanc pre show and was great to finally get some audience in and hear their response to the material – especially the new Australian interviews. It went down really well – the boys and Penny did us proud, and had a good chat with some audience members afterwards and their take on it all. Late dinner was an Italian on the corner, which wasn’t such a massive hit unfortunately, but washed down with some more SB / beer. Still have to try the chocolate with churros place that is tempting us daily opposite…surely it would be churlish to miss out on a Time Out suggestion…

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