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Masterclass in Clown with Mark Bell & Digital Workshop with Hellicar & Lewis 2013

Clown Masterclass:

“Thanks for the unique experience of finding our own personal idiot! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment from start to finish with Mark Bell; the biggest clown of us all. The combination of sharing ideas, noses – and in our case ginger curly wigs – made for a day of play unlike anywhere else and I won’t hesitate to book another workshop with Tamasha again very soon!”
Natalie Green, Participant

“I arrived at the workshop having done a bit of comedy, but never having tried clowning before. At first, I was nervous at doing something completely new. But I needn’t have worried because we were nearly all in the same boat and everyone at the workshop had a great time trying to find our ‘inner clown’. It was good fun to try out something new in a supportive atmosphere. Mark, who ran the course, gave us really good feedback which helped us develop our performances and encouraged us to move forwards. Of course, we could only scratch the surface in one day but I left having found a new character within myself and with an appetite to discover more.”
Tim Froggatt, Participant

Digital Workshop:

“It was fantastic taking part in a workshop which brought theatre-makers and digital artists into collaboration. We focused on the idea, rather than the tech which freed us as artists and creative people to get to the heart of the idea and make the technology serve the art, rather than the tech dictating the art. In a time when digital is integrated in everything we do, and everywhere we go; workshops like these are vital to empower theatre-artists to make new and exciting work.”
Jonathan May, Participant

“I’m very keen on nurturing new ideas and ways to approach and broaden creativity and I use technology as a support for this as many of us do in this day and age and so I enrolled on Tamasha’s Digital Masterclass with Hellicar and Lewis.
What did I expect? I’m not quite sure but I was certain it would involve a serious dose of jargon and geeky material that I was somehow keen to face.
Was I wrong! The masterclass involved ideas and project development with the sole help of …scissors, pens and paper! Yes, just these and a couple of great enthusiasts who guided us through a creative process that got all our minds going for three hours. It was a great and very ‘narrowed down to the essential’ way to bring ideas to life without the limitations of fund, location finding, creative team gathering and technological issues that typically arise when a fresh idea comes to mind. Instead, we worked on developing concepts and ideas like children would, with no limitations, thus finding genuinely good ideas! The method help narrowing down to the essentials a concept or a new project. Once this is created, the time for research and implementation would come BUT the idea would be created limitation-free which I felt was the enlightening part of the masterclass. No digital headache here, just plain and simple fun! If you were looking for a technical masterclass, this is not for you. But if you want new ways to improve your creative streak, go ahead!”
Guillaume Laroche, Participant


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