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Devised Theatre Masterclass with Lee Simpson


“I loved doing Lee Simpson’s Devising Masterclass. The man is a genius and gentle with it! Initially, as we all stood around having tea, coffee, conversation, drinking in the light, the large room, I thought, is this it? Are we ever going to start? We only have a day!

When we did start, Lee told us about his philosophy of work and here it is:

‘Whenever it starts is the right time.’

‘Whoever comes are the right people.’

‘Wherever it happens is the right place.’

‘Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.’

‘When its over its over.’

BOOM! Just like that. He also said people were free to use ‘the law of two feet’ and walk out whenever they wanted, if they wanted etc. We all stuck to him like leeches or burrs or both.

Quite apart from the actual exercises we did (and they were fascinating) I’ve come away so much calmer that my creativity is blossoming in amazing ways.

Thank you Lee Simpson!”
Shobu Kapoor – participant

“I was so surprised at how much I learnt from a fun, insightful and practical day. It really stretched me gently and safely in steps. I’ve never covered such work or exercises before. I came away excited with new discoveries of how to develop a project I am writing at present.”
Veejay Kaur – participant

“Lee’s Devised Masterclass has been a really fun insight into his own devising process with Improbable. From practical exercises and games to kickstart the devising process to ideas on how to structure rehearsals, this has been a really useful and inspiring day and another great workshop courtesy of Tamasha. Would definitely recommend.”
Emma Faulkner – participant

“Lee showed us how to value every idea, to not get bogged down in the big picture. His approach was lighthearted but full of information. He introduced philosophy and different ways of working towards making theatre that I had not come across before. I really learnt a lot.”
Sarita Eames – participant

“Fun, relaxed, very informative workshop. A relief to be reminded of the inimitable and liberating Improbable approach to creating. Group was a lovely size, space was very pleasant, Lee put everyone at ease and provided us with an excellent range of tools in a single day. Particularly enjoyed the impro exercises, storyboarding/story structure and ‘realist/critic’ exercises. Inevitably only a limited time to explore each idea, however it was clear at the outset that aim was to provide an overview and a number of tools to take away. Very much recommend it- thank you.
Gisele Edwards – participant

“The workshop consisted of a healthy mixture of practical exercises and more philosophical questions, illuminating methods to devise more personal and therefore unique work.”                                                                                                                                      Josh Azouz – participant

“I really enjoyed the masterclass with Lee Simpson. Very interesting exercises that I want to try with my company. Devising can be hard at times but it is just about learning the skills to make it happen. Thanks Tamasha for organising it and thank you Lee for your delivering. It was cool, calm, collected.”
Carmen Fernandez – participant


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