Masterclasses with Iqbal Khan

Iqbal Khan


“He’s incredibly knowledgeable about Shakespeare and acting generally and is very generous in his teaching and directing striking a fine balance between allowing the actor to indulge themselves yet at the same time guiding them without feeling hectored or taught i.e. he encourages the actor to discover answers for themselves. I most enjoyed working on my prepared monologue and listening to others perform their monologues. I enjoyed this because it was a revelation seeing that most of us were too concerned with our own performance rather than making sure the audience gets the message of what we’re saying. The feedback I got from Iqbal means I can practice the monologue by myself and not be worried about becoming fake by developing a preconceived intellectual idea of playing the part because Iqbal’s advice is to keep changing the performance without becoming attached to any one style of playing. Hopefully the end result of all this is that when I do finally perform to an audience that I no longer care about my performance as I’ve got the idea of getting it right out of my system.”

“Lovely – he’s someone who really knows and loves his Shakespeare from a performance perspective. He innately understands how to make the text come alive in performance. He’s also extremely approachable and patient and works very intuitively with the actor as an individual. It was refreshing to have so many guys in the room! So often I go to workshops and they are swamped with young middle class women so always a delight to work with a properly diverse group of actors.”

“I wanted to work on text and to play. The class was fantastic and I was left with lots to think about and work on. Iqbal got us playing, warmed up and ready to go. We worked on our monologues and then on Macbeth. It was very good indeed. I loved the fact that it was not all white, middle class actors! It was like being in a proper London setting. I am just really grateful that Tamasha hold workshops like this and that its affordable and enables one to meet such good creatives in the industry.”


It has encouraged me to look at Chekhov in a new way and inspired me to investigate other Chekhov plays I wouldn’t have thought of doing before. There is nowhere with as inclusive and interesting a participating workshop group as Tamasha attracts.”

“I absolutely adored working for the day with Iqbal. He has a very generous nature and a clear instructive manner. The way in which Iqbal uncovers the text and brings it to life is absolute magic. This was the first all day workshop I have been to. It made me crave work and auditions!”

“Iqbal was very relaxed and laid back, not at all intimidating which is sometimes the case when meeting directors! He was very open to answering personal questions and was happy to share his experiences. I really enjoyed breaking down the text and learning to read between the lines, which sometimes is a lot simpler than we think. We have the tendency to over-complicate characters, of course there is always subtext, but a monologue from the character can be so truthful that all it requires from the actor is to be open and vulnerable towards the audience. I’m definitely better equipped to read through scenes and break them down. I would pay more attention to ‘pauses’ and ‘beats’ in scripts – it all has a meaning. It’s so important to look at stage directions too; it gives the actor clues as to how their character is feeling at that moment in time, which is something not all directors will point out to their actors.”

Contemporary Texts

Made me realise that ethnicity/gender should not stop you from developing your imagination by playing parts that are against your type.”

“Iqbal’s empathy with the plight of actors, his depth of understanding with contemporary text and the feeling that he set up in the room which was one of lightheartedness and yet complete commitment to our learning.”

“I absolutely loved working with Iqbal. He gives his knowledge and direction graciously whilst highlighting our occasionally misguided decision making. He reminded me especially that the only thing that matters is truth.”

“The atmosphere that Iqbal created was very relaxed and I felt very confident to try things out in a safe environment. The direction was very clear and helpful and the advice I was given will certainly inform my acting in the future.”


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